Murie Design was awesome to work with, Jim is a stellar human being. We had so fun creating business portraits for Murie Design. Deborah Handee ~Deborah Hardee, Lifestyle and Portrait Photography
Participating in Creative Good led me to working with a fantastic Boise non-profit. I built a photo library to visually support their mission and community outreach. ~Jim Benning, Photography + Design
I have appreciated working with you and your staff, and valued our work together with the Creative Good event! I shared with you when we met how much that event meant to me. Your heart is so in the right place. ~Jayne Sorrels, Former Executive Director at Interfaith Sanctuary Housing Services
I was thrilled to find a place where local business owners and the creative community came together to give time and money to local charities. At Creative Good I met new clients as well as fellow local creatives. This event was a refreshing change from the daily grind and inspired me to think of how else I could contribute to my community as a creative. ~Matthew Halbert-Howen, Graphic Designer

Last year we had so much fun at the Creative Good auction and were so lucky to get the winning bid on Russell Kuhns, for a full day of his programming/technical services. Russell was great to work with and he’s really good. He migrated and optimized our Redmine installation and then migrated a server full of websites, all in a day! We also won a custom metal sign from Idaho Blueprint & Supply – they were great to work with and I marvel at our breathtaking sign on our office door every day. It’s just amazing that such great people offer their services at this auction and we’re looking forward to the next one! ~Josh Olswanger, Co-owner/Lead Designer at Thrive Web Designs